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Counseling Department Policies

Schedule Changes

Course requests play a crucial role in building the master schedule. As such, unnecessary schedule changes are not possible, and schedule change requests will only be considered for the following reasons.

  1. You have a hole in your schedule - if you have a period in which no class is scheduled, the counseling department will accommodate you to add a class to fill the gap.
  2. You have an insufficient number of classes - it's important to make sure you have enough courses to meet academic requirements. Students are expected to be enrolled in SIX courses each semester, with exceptions for seniors who may require only FIVE courses to fulfill graduation criteria. It is recommended that all senior student athletes be enrolled in at least SIX courses each semester to maintain athletic eligibility.
  3. You need a course for graduation - if adding a course is necessary to meet graduation requirements or fulfill academic goals, the counseling department will assist you with this. 
  4. You need more time for College Credit Plus (CCP) - students participating in CCP may require schedule adjustments to accommodate college-level courses.
  5. You would like to eliminate a study hall - if you wish to replace a study hall with a course to maximize your learning opportunities, the counseling department encourages and supports this decision. However, availability is limited for certain courses.

PLEAST NOTE: Unnecessary requests, such as preferences for specific teachers, the desire to have friends in the same class, moving around classes to arrive late/leave early, the desire to change your lunch period, etc. will NOT be accommodated.

Career Center

Part-Time Attendance at EFCTS

Completing their full school day at the Career Center campus is the best option for most students. With travel time between CWHS and the Career Center campus, most students would not be able to fit their lab, required academic classes, and lunch/study hall into their daily schedule. When students are attending the Career Center, they are still a Canal Winchester High School student and part of our school community. Students are still able to participate in our events held by the school, extracurricular activities, afterschool clubs, and any dance that they are eligible to participate in. Our top priorities are to ensure our students are safe and help them succeed academically. That’s why we strongly recommend that students who choose to attend the career center do so as a full-time student.

Transferring Back to CWHS

Students are expected to fulfill the requirements and expectations set by both Canal Winchester High School and the Eastland Fairfield Career Centers. Students are encouraged to carefully consider their decision to enroll at EFCTS prior to attending. Any changes in enrollment status must be communicated to counselors promptly, and once enrolled in the career center, students cannot return to CWHS until after the completion of the first semester. This ensures minimal disruption to education and allows for a smoother transition back to CWHS if necessary.

Flex Credit

As a result of Senate Bill 311, Credit Flexibility was established as an opportunity for students to create unique learning situations allowing them to demonstrate their understanding and skills according to their individual learning styles and experiences. The Credit Flex option applies to any coursework or performance completed outside of traditional Canal Winchester course offerings. All high school students have the opportunity to submit an application for Credit Flexibility. The following are credit flexibility options available to CWHS students. 

Students are notified of the approval or denial of their credit flexibility application within five working days of the deadline. Students may resubmit a revised denied application within five working days upon which the application was returned to the student. Resubmitted applications will receive notification within five working days of submission. All students should schedule courses, as usual, until notification has been received.

Eighth grade students who wish to participate in a credit flexibility option may only do so upon transition to 9th grade, which officially occurs August 1st. Or, if an 8th grade student is already enrolled in a high school level course in middle school and wishes to participate in credit flexibility in the content area of the high school level course being taken, he/she should follow the high school flexibility deadlines listed above.

Grade Replacement

Students who have earned credit in a course with a grade of “D” or lower may retake the course for the opportunity to improve the grade. This is especially encouraged in situations where a grade of “C” or higher is necessary in order to advance in a developmental sequence. Both course experiences and grades will be recorded on the transcript, but only the second grade, whether higher or lower, will be calculated into a student's cumulative grade point average.

Students enrolled in a class under the grade improvement policy must adhere to the same deadlines for adding or dropping the repeated course as are established for all other classes with the same penalties for noncompliance. Courses repeated must be taken in sequence (ex: a student who has successfully completed Algebra 2 cannot repeat Algebra 1 under this policy). This will only apply to courses taken in person during the regular school year. This cannot be applied to summer school, credit recovery or other online courses.  

Students retaking College Credit Plus courses must follow the policy of the college or university where the course is being offered at. However, this paperwork must still be used for record keeping purposes.