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Spring End of Course Testing Information

CWHS Ohio State Testing 2024

Students will participate each testing day in one of two ways.  They will be scheduled to test, or they will participate in remote learning for the day.  We will detail the expectation for each below.

Expectations for students testing

Expectations for remote learning

Students scheduled to test

  • Report to school by 7:55am. 
  • May be excused after testing if can provide own transportation or can remain on campus to complete remote learning responsibility in a study hall room.
  • Are excused from remote learning expectations if in attendance for testing daily as scheduled to focus on wellness

Testing Dates and who will be taking the test: 
April 11 - ELA 2 Test Part 1
Students who are currently enrolled in Sophomore English or Honors English 10 will take the ELA 2 test. 
April 12 - ELA 2 Test Part 2 
Students who are currently enrolled in Sophomore English or Honors English 10 will take the ELA 2 test. 
April 22 - Algebra and Geometry Test Part 1
Students who are enrolled in Algebra 1 will take the Algebra test.
Students who are enrolled in Geometry or Honors Geometry will take the Geometry test
April 23 - Algebra and Geometry Test Part 2
Students who are enrolled in Algebra 1 will take the Algebra test.
Students who are enrolled in Geometry will take the Geometry test
April 29 - Government and US History Test Part 1 and 2 
Students enrolled in Government or AP Government (and have not already previously taken the Government test) will take the Government Test. 
Students enrolled in US History or AP US History, will take the US History Test. 
April 30 - Biology Test Part 1 and 2
Students enrolled in Biology or Honors Biology will take the Biology test. 
**There is a possibility you could be scheduled to take one of these tests and are not currently enrolled in the corresponding course.  You will be notified if this is the case. 

What is the purpose of the Ohio State Tests:

  • Ohio State Tests are directly tied to graduation requirements: 
  • Students MUST show competency (score of 684) on ELA 2 and Algebra Ohio State Tests.  
  • Students MUST also earn two seals.  
  • Students may also earn the Science Seal by earning a proficient score on the Biology Ohio State Test. 
  • Students may earn the Citizenship Seal by earning a proficient score on the US History and Government Ohio State Test.  
  • Ohio State Tests are high-stakes assessments.  We want our students to be focused in the best environment possible for these assessments.  
  • While students may retake Ohio State Tests multiple times, students historically perform best at the culmination of the course aligned to the given test.  


  • Students required to test should report to school on their assigned days.  If not scheduled to test, students should NOT report to school.  
  • Students testing should bring with them a charged chromebook to complete their testing. 
  • Students required to test may be picked up from school after testing is complete.  Students without transportation home must remain at school and complete remote learning requirements from their assigned study hall.  Buses will run at normal times on our testing days.
    • There will be a form shared closer to the start of testing if you do not want your student to exit for the day after testing is complete.  To inform us of this, you will just need to fill that form out.

Remote Learning for Ohio State Testing Days

  • Students who have tested for an End of Course test on that day are exempt from attending remote learning for that day, and do not need to be in attendance.
  • Any student who does not test is required to follow our remote learning expectations.
  • Students are expected to check their Canvas daily.  Students will follow the Ohio State Testing Special Remote Schedule each day joining google meets each period on time. Teachers will also be available from 7:00-7:30 for intervention purposes and extra help. 
  • Students are expected to be REMOTELY present each day at school and should follow the schedule shown below.  Teachers will be taking attendance each period.
  • Students should email a teacher if they need assistance or have any questions.
  • Students are expected to turn in assignments as outlined on Canvas for each specific teacher assigned to them.
  • Students are expected to complete assignments.  Whatever a student doesn’t get finished in his/her class period will be homework and is expected to be completed before the next scheduled class.
  • CWHS Student Code of Conduct still applies to student behavior when on google meets.  Students are expected to be visible on camera, appropriately dressed, and display appropriate classroom behavior.

“Be Remotely Present” each day means:

  • Attending pre-set google meet during your assigned class period.
  • If unable to attend a particular google meet, you may also use the following in order to be marked present in a given day:
    • Communicating during the school day (7:55-2:20) with the teacher regarding missed coursework if unable to attend google meet during your assigned class period due to illness, babysitting responsibilities, etc.
    • Completing assignments in class and submitting them as requested by the teacher.

Failure to attend class while in remote learning will result in accumulation of hours absent. Please remain in contact with your teachers daily during this time. We are here to support you through this extended remote learning period. 

Any other questions?  Contact the main office for support at 614-833-2157 or